April 30th 2024

Norfolk Area Prayer Breakfast

Divots Conference Center/Ballroom, Norfolk, NE

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Presenting the 2024 Norfolk Area Prayer Breakfast.

The Norfolk Area Prayer Breakfast is hosted by the Norfolk Forum Ministry, a local ministry to marketplace leaders, encouraging them toward personal integrity, principled leadership and spiritual development.

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We often focus on limitations, but 'I can't' is merely an excuse. Daniel Ritchie, born without arms, thrives by using his feet for tasks others do with hands, inspiring audiences with his message of hope and strength. With over 23 years of speaking experience and national TV appearances, Daniel shares his story of perseverance.


Join local professionals for a morning focused on providing hope and spiritual encouragement to our community.


Enjoy a complimentary breakfast as you listen to the inspiring speakers and live music.

Live Music

Live music will be played by local church worship leaders.

Get Ready for Prayer Breakfast It's Beginning Soon! April 30th, 2024, 6:00-8:00 AM (Doors Open at 5:30 AM) at Divots Conference Center/Ballroom in Norfolk, NE
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/ Featured Speaker
Daniel Ritchie

We always focus on the things that we can’t do, but what if I told you that “I can’t” is just an excuse to quit? By using the backdrop of my life of learning to make my feet do what was meant for hands, I push you toward a life that doesn’t make excuses. I’ll show there is a way to keep going, problem solve and recruit teammates to help you along the way.

Daniel was born without arms, but God is being glorified in Daniel’s difference and has given him a thriving life. He has adapted to a world made for people with arms by using his feet to do everything others do with their hands. From writing, eating, and driving all the way to hunting and fishing - “I can’t” is not in his vocabulary.

With over 23 years of speaking experience, Daniel delivers a powerful message of hope and strength to diverse audiences, connecting through motivational communication in various settings including churches, schools, conferences, universities, corporations, and sports teams.

He's authored two books, “My Affliction For His Glory” and “Endure,” and contributed to outlets like Fox News, The Gospel Coalition, and Focus on the Family. Daniel has appeared on national TV shows such as The Story with Martha MacCallum and The 700 Club. Outside of work, he cherishes family time with his wife Heather and their two children, enjoys pizza nights, travel, outdoor activities, football, and the beach.

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  • Table seat for 1
  • Breakfast included


  • Table seat for 1
  • Breakfast included


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  • Reserved table for 10
  • Breakfast included
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